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Moments To Remember Moments To Remember

North Star Communications presents "Moments to Remember" with host Henry Louis Gates, Jr. a series of two-minute radio features (30 per quarter) highlighting African-Americans whose contributions are part of our American history. This series is designed to help radio stations celebrate Black history throughout the year (365 days), with major funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. CD copies of Part 1 through Part 12, a total of 365 segments are available by request. Radio stations can air Moments DAILY in any time slot throughout the day.

"Moments to Remember," is also featured on and, and offers listeners additional information about the topics featured on this program, as well as a list of radio stations currently broadcasting the series.

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Moments to Remember: Part 12

On Part 12 of the “Moments to Remember” radio series, Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. continues to present stories about the lives of amazing African Americans. These individuals have played a vital role in entertainment, politics, medicine, sports, and many other areas in America 's history. Listeners will learn fascinating facts about people from the 1800s to the present, from activist, W.E.B. Du Bois, Charles Follis, the first black professional football player…all the way to today's media mogul, Oprah Winfrey.

With the addition of Part 12 to the “Moments to Remember” series, radio stations now have an opportunity to celebrate Black History every month…everyday of the year! This radio series is a rare historic collection available to public radio stations FREE OF CHARGE!

Our host is Henry Louis Gates, Jr. award winning author, host of the acclaimed PBS television series "Wonders of the African World," and recently “America Beyond the Color Line.” He is the Chair of African and African American Studies at Harvard University . The Executive Producer is Donna Limerick, former producer of "HORIZONS", National Public Radio's award-winning documentary series.

Attention: Radio Program Directors

These 2-minute features are available quarterly on CD. DACS information is available daily on Rights: Unlimited. Repeat at station discretion. Please contact us for a broadcast agreement before broadcasting or net casting the series. 12 CD's...a total of 365 evergreen features are available to stations to air daily, for years to come.
Promotions include: host promos, DACS Information, media kit with pictures, press-releases, a news article for program guides, books by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. for fund raising events and more.

Contact: Executive Producer: Donna Limerick (202) 484-5960

"Moments to Remember" an award-winning series, is funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Funding provided by Corporation For Public Broadcasting



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